Therapy tailored to your unique needs.

Therapy tailored to your unique needs.

Therapy tailored to your unique needs.


*Please note: I am unable to take new clients at this time.

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, you have difficulty connecting in your relationships?

Does it feel like the pain of your past will never go away?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have made a helpful choice by seeking out therapy. Sometimes, even the strongest people need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. You’ve likely been debating seeking help for months, if not years. Realizing you have a problem that you can’t solve on your own is a brave first step. I’m so glad you’re seeking help and have taken the courageous step of finding a therapist.

Create a Life YOU Love

I’m confident that together we can work to help you gain the necessary tools to help you face and overcome these challenges. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, trauma, depression, grief, chronic health or relationship issues, it is important that you know you don’t have to be alone on this journey and there is hope for a better tomorrow.

I have the experience to help you achieve your goals, overcome these struggles, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I understand no two individuals are the same, and I tailor our sessions together to address challenges unique to you. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles and address those issues with long-lasting strategies, helping you get closer to the life you’ve always wanted.

If you would like to discuss the process of starting therapy, or you would like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, please contact me.

About Heather Muras, MA, BSN, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a background in nursing. I have over 20 years of combined professional experience working in medical and mental health settings providing education, counseling, and therapy to clients and their families.